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Seal & Cut Tray Packaging Systems

SM175B Manual Tray Sealing Machine
The Vac-star Tray Sealer – SM175B is a manual tray sealing machine designed for small production food packaging users wanting to achieve tray lidding in an economical and cost-effective way. 
  • Manually load trays
  • Maximum tray size: 250 x 320mm (½ gastronome tray) on the SM205
  • Pull lidding film forward by hand over trays – film is just the width of the trays
  • Bring top plate down
  • Apply pressure, hold, release
  • Manually remove trays
  • Depending on tray size – more than one tray can be sealed at a time. Trays need to be separated after sealing with sharp knife
  • No vacuum or gas-flush
  • No perimeter cut (works well on square or rectangular trays)
  • No print registration for printed film
  • No scrap film
  • Easily retooled for different tray sizes

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    ET59L-ET69M Semi-automatic Tray Sealer
    The Enduro ET59L-ET69M Tray Sealing Systems are a semi-automatic benchtop heat sealing machine for lidding of trays.  The system is tooled up to your specific tray and neatly trims the film around the perimeter of your trays.  This machine is extremely versatile, designed for being used in small and medium companies with high productive performance.  These machines have been well designed and stainless steel and polyethylene are used extensively in their construction.  
    • Manually load trays
    • Maximum tray size:  END-69M:  160 x 140 x 100
    • Maximum tray size:  END-59L:  220 x 170 x 120
    • Lidding film feeds automatically as tray carrier is pushed into machine
    • Can operate on manual or sensor mode
    • Tray carrier pulled forward and trays are lifted out
    • No vacuum or gas-flush
    • Complete with perimeter cut
    • Print registration for printed film
    • Scrap film is trimmed and automatically rewound
    • Machine is manufactured for a specific tray

    To view our range of EXCEL Trays and Lidding Film for these machines, click here

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