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Vacuum and Gas-flush Tray Packaging Systems

Enduro VG704 Vacuum and Gas-flush Tray Sealing Machine

Enduro END-704 Vacuum and Gas-flush Tray Sealing Machine

This floorstanding Vacuum and Gas-flush Tray Sealing System, vacuums the tray completely before it inserts gas. The machine is built in stainless steel for use in hygienic environments. The system is tooled up to your specific tray size and neatly trims the film around the perimeter of the tray, the scrap film is then taken up onto the motorized film feeding system. This machine requires a compressed air connection.

  • The food trays are manually placed in recesses in the tray carrier drawer. As a safety precaution, the operation is initiated by the two handed release system.
  • The tray carrier moves automatically into the machine and the machine head comes down and seals around the tray carrier.
  • The large capacity vacuum pump efficiently evacuates the chamber and the gas-flush is carried out.
  • The sealing head then moves down, completing the perimeter seal around the tray as well as a neat perimeter cut.
  • The tray carrier drawer then automatically moves back out to the operator and the trays may be removed.
  • While removal and reloading of the trays takes place, the film is automatically fed to the new position. The new position is determined by either time, encoder or by registration mark (for printed film).


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SLB1007 Vacuum and Gas-flush Tray Sealer
Audion SLB1007 Tray Sealer

The SLB machine uses an innovative gas-flush process to product a Modified Atmosphere Package (MAP) in a rapid period of time. This process allows the SLB machine to operate without the use of a vacuum pump.  Not using a vacuum pump gives the machine serveral big advantages including:

  • Faster production speed
  • No damage to delicate products
  • Works well with liquids and products with high water content
  • Easy to operate and trouble shoot
  • Low maintenance

The techniques which the SLB uses is a flushing of gas combined with a controlled turbulence inside the tray. This fast and simple system results in a short cycle time and increased production speed.  The entire gas flush process is also extremely efficient, resulting in gas consumption that is not much more than with conventional machines.  The fact that the SLB does not pull a vacuum prior to gas flushing means that there is no damage to the product in the container during packaging.  

The SLB 1007 is a manual tray sealer for modified atmosphere packing (MAP) of cups and trays. This machine offers the best combiantion of price and performance in the industry to pack and preserve food freshness using gas flush.

  • Manually load tray/s into tray carrier
  • Max. tray size:  360 x 300 x 140mm
  • Slide tray carrier into machine and the automatic cycle is started
  • Machine vacuums, gas-flush, seal and perimeter cuts.  (Very fast and efficient)
  • Film is automatically advanced
  • Tray carrier is slidden out of the machine
  • Complete with print registration for printed film
  • Scrap film is automatically rewound
  • Machine tooled up to your specific tray size
  • Very quick tool change over time

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